The Longest Mural in Bhutan

Azha Karma and his talented artists from Vast orchestrate and paint an incredible mural to celebrate the 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

The Story of the Blue Buddha.

His skin is deep blue like the ancient Lapis Lazuli, said to have mystical powers. He is none other than Sangay Menlha, the medicine Buddha.

Drupchen without spectators

Thimphu Lhamoi Drubchen is a ceremonial practice that takes place over 15 days, to cultivate the blessings of the deity Pelden Lhamo. This year marked the 31Oth annual drupchen and the only one in recent memory without a crowd of spectators, due to the global pandemic.

Azha Karma and his talented artists from Vast orchestrate and […]
Welcome to Manas.  Also known as Bhutan’s crown jewel, Manas […]
Here’s everything you need to know about the Medicine Buddha […]


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Azha Karma and his talented artists from Vast orchestrate and […]

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Things to do in Manas

Welcome to Manas. Also known as Bhutan’s crown jewel.

Manas represents the largest tropical and subtropical ecosystems in Bhutan. Located in the south central region of Bhutan, Manas region falls under the districts of Sarpand, Zhemgang and Pema Gatshel.


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